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Flotilla 85 - Brigantine, NJ
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 Flotilla 85 Staff Officer Report
   Regular Meeting  16 Sept.
           Alan Moose FC, Eileen Harrigan VFC

Department of Logistics:

Department of Response:

2014 year to date coxn. and crew hours total 386 hours only 3 less than 2013.
Top  Coxn. hours: Stan Friedman with 52.1 hours
Top crew hours: Eileen Harrigan with 91.3 +
2nd place crew hours Calvin Bartechko with 52.3
Any coxn or crew who missed the required TCT required for 2014 or QE rides will start 2015 in REYR. Each member is responsible for knowing what is required of them to stay current, please check into your status.
Thank you to all Coxn. and crew for their dedication of time, efforts and talents in making this a successful patrol season.


Department of Prevention:

A number of call ins to local radio stations were conducted to promote boating safety classes as well.
Jim Mackey and Cris Gleason went on the Bob Burns show for an hour on CG day to promote the Aux. and boating safety classes.
Jack Kelly participated in the AC Air show in his helicopter, with Cris Gleason as copilot.
Jim Mackey and Kathleen Beagle assisted John Tredninnick at the Brigantine Clean and Green day on 06 Aug.

(Our classes are completed for the season, thank you for all that taught and assisted in any way!) E.H.

A commercial fishing vessel exam was completed 27 Aug. on The CFVE Jersey Devil it passed inspection by Jack Kelly, Calvin Bartechko, Mike Fitzpatrick in Atlantic City.