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2016 Election

Outgoing and incoming FC's and VFC's 2017

2016 Bridge

left to right... Hannan, Lt Noel Johnson USCG, BM1 Greg Panos USCG, Dicecco, Kelley

Division COW 2015

FC Hannan and VFC Kelly being sworn in by DCDR Weiss and VCDR Gleason

2016 Staff Officers Flotilla 85

Division Staff Officers 2016 Sworn in by VCDR Cris Gleason



Division COW 2014



FC Alan Moose at COW 2014

FC and VCF being sworn in

Staff Officers being sowrn in 2014

CMDR Moore

Fred Trinkley and Mike Brotschul receive awards of appreciation

Bill Hannan receives the 10 Year Certificate

Jack Kelly receives the Publid Education Award

Gil Finklestein receives his retirement gift

Cris Gleason recieves the Auxiliarist of the Year 2014

Flotilla 85 with the Auxiliarist of the Year 2014

Cris Gleason sworn in as VCDR

VFC Eileen Harrigan awarded CGAUX Achievement Medal

VFC Harrigan presented CGAUX Achievement Medal by Commander Moore

FC Moose and VFC Harrigan being sworn in,

2014 Flotilla 85

VCDR Cris Gleason swears in division staff

Stan Friedman receives Auxilarist of the Year Award


Division COW 2013

Alan Moose and Eileen Harrigan take the oath for Commander and Vice Commander.

Vice Commander Eileen Harrigan and Commander Alan Moose

Stan Friedman recieving the 2013 Division Commander's Award

Stan Friedman after recieving the 2013 Division Commander's Award